Finally Taeyang – Wedding Dress MV Is Out!

13 Nov


OMG been waiting since 10:30pm yesterday and now at 10:41am its FINALLY OUT YAYAYAYAY so damn good…i’m literally dieing right now <333333333333 Aggghhhh!!! Its so sad!! But I'm so happy the MV finally came out! AHHH!! Hehe.. I can't control myself! xD *Ahh…Youngbae Never Ceases To Amaze Me. ♥ He deeply impresses me with his vocal abilities and I just can’t wait for his full length album. Anyway, you can download the mp3, just click HERE

2 Responses to “Finally Taeyang – Wedding Dress MV Is Out!”

  1. mcjayn 13/11/2009 at 11:39 pm #

    ah, tae-yang~~~~ melts my heart with his moves ❤
    but i still like G-dragon :p


  1. musicismyhothotsex - 14/11/2009

    TaeYang refunds the “Wedding Dress…

    TaeYang gets cockblocked! TaeYang – “Wedding Dress” It’s alright TaeYang… her fat ass without fit in the Vera Wang dress anyways. DOWNLOAD MP3: TaeYang – “Wedding Dress” ……

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