For CyberSAFE Video Category

1 Mar

In celebrating the inaugural Safer Internet Day 2010. CyberSAFE Malaysia is organizing the Digital Contents Competition to encourage the development of local contents on internet Safety and to enrich the existing digital contents on our CyberSAFE website.

Beside the POSTER category, there’s also the VIDEO category. For VIDEO Competition: Come up with the most creative 2-4 minute VIDEOS on Internet Safety Issues (To understand more on Internet Safety Issues, please visit our CyberSAFE Portal at

The Video MUST:

i. be presented in English Language or Bahasa Malaysia
ii. include CyberSAFE Malaysia logo (downloadable from the CyberSAFE Malaysia
website / link available in the CyberSAFE Facebook profile)
iii. include an ending Title Card that directs viewers to CyberSAFE Malaysia’s website
iv. be scaled to NO LESS than 340 x 240 pixels in video size

It’s offering great prizes to the Top 10 Winners and is opened to ALL Malaysians to participate. Due date is this coming Sunday, March 7th, 2010. So good luck guys! Anyway, this is my video entry for this category…oho ho ho~ i’m so serious one here…bahah!


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