Thanks Air Asia Merch

2 Apr

Allrite just a quick quick quick and simple updates, as you can see the image above, won it today…thanks to AirAsiaMerch..i just join it yesterday…i thought i won de gift for de surveys but its not yet announce so i wish can win de survey gift too ^^ …but yeah won de lucky 100th oso cool what..uber cute stuffs..before this always bought AirAsiaMerch..woohoo! Do add AirAsiaMerch on FB/Twitter n surf their site for more updates and etc.

wah~ snap2 asked by Air Asia Merch~

so many~

Yes pic below~ ..i still in de contest ow till this April 15th..yup, de 100PLUS Outdo Yourself contest. FYI, wth is wrong with me in dis pic? haha! the thing is…this pic was snapped rite afta de EARTH HOUR finished…so..i was ‘cramped’ for de 1OOPLUS lor…lol…ermmm i iz currently still leading de votes..thanks guys. So if you havent vote for it…click HERE

oh ya guys! i is still running for my Cornetto contest too, click HERE to vote for my Uber CUTE video, if i manage go for de top 3, you got de chance to win an iPhone woh! wow!


p/s: and yes can’t drop all others contest, so many johnson contest, livita, BOH tea also..DiGi..even Telekom also..waaa >.<!!..and so forth…but whatever it is, i wish all the best to you too if you join any contests.. and yes, you can share with me any latest contest at HERE owrite then, till de next entry, have a great great weekend and HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY to all my Christians fellas out there 😉 oh…before sign off, watch this..haha! Chao FTW!


2 Responses to “Thanks Air Asia Merch”

  1. huda 11/04/2010 at 4:11 pm #

    wow~ so many contest
    good luck!!


  1. Game Play: Merch And Make Millions. | - 15/04/2010

    […] Thanks Air Asia Merch « […]

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