Eminem – Not Afraid

6 Jun

Dank! I was late about 20 hours after the video sneak peak is up on http://www.eminem.com but it was great that i’m the 121,106 like this ‘Not Afraid’ Video Premiere on the site. LOL. I guess it’s not just me but all of Em’s fans been waiting for this, ya rite Em’s is back witha bang!!!

Although he’s very much different now, the video is more mature! I think the old Eminem was better than this, but i also love the “New Eminem”. The amount of respect and admiration I have for eminem is beyond words thou and his ‘Not Afraid’ track is awesome!

You know, think for a second how have Eminem’s changed during the years. At first he was dressing like a real gangster, with baggy sweat suit and jeans, but now he started to wear leather and strange hats! He have even colored his hair brown! I’m trying to say that he should be to same old Slim Shady, who we know from the Eminem Show and The Marshal Mathers LP! THAT IS HIS STYLE! But nah, I must calm down myself, I REALLY LOVE NEW EMINEM’S guys! He looks different, either surgery or make up…but take nothing away from him, he’s the last hope for REAL rap!

Just like what I shout on my facebook, Eminem is the only rapper to truly talk about actual life experiences in his lyrics which is why I think he is absoutely awsome! Not to mention, this video is by far the best one i’ve seen and my favorite of Eminem’s. The clip is the best, Eminem is the bEast! For the fans, do follow his twitter at twitter.com/eminem and till the next entry, enjoy the video!


One Response to “Eminem – Not Afraid”

  1. maprang 04/07/2010 at 7:40 pm #

    What brand of leather Eminem Not Afraid lyrics wearing ?

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