Remix Mood Winning!

11 Jun

Another winning entry! As you can see the statement above, I has won myself the special prizes for OMG I WON!!! MAGNUM4D JACKPOT!! video contest. Blastful! I wanna thanks MAGNUM for still count me in the contest eventho there’s a ‘slack’ in the video, ya rite, wth shouted other company name? mistake! Luckly, till the end of the contest, I survived… yeah! tq tq tq Magnum!

macam power kan the phone? kekeke! hurm, thought i’m gonna win more than that but that just it, Nokia 5800 Xpress Music really wanna haunted me again. LOL. But why? you know, i’ve been blogged bout this last year. I already in touch with this phone about six months thou and it seems like this phone still a wow for me. All the functions and etc on the phone suit me, especially the sound… a bit kalah lah my apple ipod. :p

No idea yet what i’m gonna do with this second same phone soon, ok fine you read my mind (if) hehe. Got to stop! pfft pfft!! world cup already arrived yo! Man, of course i’m rooting for ENGLAND!

Oh, despite of Shakira Waka Waka mv, the mv above really move me weh! Score! fyi, the concert was in Mexico City, during the concert of Radio Exa 2009 and now is the official video for world cup… FOREVER FREEDOM!!


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