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18 Aug

haha…sounds so sad pulak…u know, when i realized how long i already blogging under wordpress, i thinks its cool, really. im satisfied coz i know i already did at my best.

sharing all the happinez, sadnez (ada meh? ok la..sikit-sikit..hehe) :p and etc, i think its more than enuff for this blog. i know i achieved not so high hits but all the entries i blogged are fine enuff lah for me. the best thing about my blogging style is, i blog like whatever and im not gonna blog if im moody, yes im human being so sumtime i do mad at certain matter though….and when we are moody, DO NOT BLOG. why lah wanna share your madness on blog. crazy. >.<

okey, i guess this pretty long already….and afraid my english teacher checking my grammar (or my spm oxford examiner) LOL…till then, sayonara to this __________ (fill in the blank yourself lah! haha)


May God Bless Me

10 Feb

@paullmf thanks sir. de words meant so much to me..really appreciate your advice. evento im far from being ok at de moment, life must go on.

@aishiteruiluvu/niena ismail…dont, please dont cry with me. its my matter girl…i believe, if i did anything wrong, the karma is there for me. as a human beings, i do believe, what goes round…comes around. make it comes to me if im so bad. T_T

p/s: to all of my tweeps out there, i love you guys…thanks so much for release off my eyes ball drown with tears. im sad, till this hour, im still feel like im so down. god, give me strenght and chill for me to face my coming days in my life and let me be at my best for my future undertaking. im sorry posting all this on blog. this is not self-endorsement or etc. i just cant hold this in my mind. till next time, if.