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Zac Efron Is Back!

2 Aug

Firstly, I need to mention that George Lopez is the funniest Mexican on TV, he’s the first mexican with a succesful talk show in America now thats doing big thangs! Salute! You know what, i’m glad Zac be on his show, why? watch this full great interview:

I remember when I saw HSM for the first time! He growned so much! He seems so real, like he REALLY is funny and doesn’t just act being funny though…. And he’s gotten to be so handsome and mature, yes? (ah! if this sounds sounds so gay, i’m sorry) By the way, this video: I love Zac’s expression when he finds out that he has to ask the questions. Priceless! LOL

Sometimes I think he’s just a flirt, but I dunno maybe it’s just me or he’s just too nice on the screen/talk show. Whatever it is, we need more actors like him which is not a complete douchebags like other celebs, ah! you know what I mean. he he he! Oh! I haven’t watch his latest movie: Charlie St. Cloud, it’s a must!


Elecoldxhot The Winner of F&N Freestylz

3 Sep


Aha! Elecoldxhot is the winner of the F&N Freestylz “Show Your Moves” yo!!! Leon Khiew, Gary Thong, Thomas, Dancee Tan, Joey, Billy and Chris Ooi walked away proudly with an all expenses paid trip to Korea & train with Asia’s No.1 B-boys, Gamblerz Crew (they won more than that actually).

Maybe some of you might have not know who they are, if you love dancing or street dancing, you gonna love them as they were so great in synchronization and blastful dance popping thou. So talented! They also even won the Astro Battleground 2009 (it’s a dance competition by Astro, the video is below). They’re awesomely talented. I doubt you can beat them. Funny. One of my bud’ asked me how I even pronounce their name? In english. Simple – just ECX. 😉 Tehe! ECX Rox!!!