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Twitter Is My Drug!

8 Aug


Dance To This Song!

3 Aug

Woot! I have been waiting for the music video to come out for so long and finally it is out! The wait was totally worth it. This song is totally catchy and the music video looks awesome! Watch it now! wooOOhoo!

…and you know what, it’s only a few minutes old but look at the video viewed statistic on youtube! wow wow! Makes me wanna dance to this song!!! Impossible to not dance to this song though! =) hahaha!!! btw, here’s Behind the Scenes:

The Genius of WongFuProductions, Kevjumba, and David Choi never ceases to amaze me!!! Yeah! LOVE KEVJUMBA & WONGFUPRODUCTIONS & DAVID CHOI AND EVERYONE. XD

Zac Efron Is Back!

2 Aug

Firstly, I need to mention that George Lopez is the funniest Mexican on TV, he’s the first mexican with a succesful talk show in America now thats doing big thangs! Salute! You know what, i’m glad Zac be on his show, why? watch this full great interview:

I remember when I saw HSM for the first time! He growned so much! He seems so real, like he REALLY is funny and doesn’t just act being funny though…. And he’s gotten to be so handsome and mature, yes? (ah! if this sounds sounds so gay, i’m sorry) By the way, this video: I love Zac’s expression when he finds out that he has to ask the questions. Priceless! LOL

Sometimes I think he’s just a flirt, but I dunno maybe it’s just me or he’s just too nice on the screen/talk show. Whatever it is, we need more actors like him which is not a complete douchebags like other celebs, ah! you know what I mean. he he he! Oh! I haven’t watch his latest movie: Charlie St. Cloud, it’s a must!

Best Song(s) Ever! & MTV World Stage!

1 Aug


12 Jun

I’m in a super super happy mood when i type this entry guys. I already checked my last semester result, pretty well and it’s sort of ‘at my best’… well i’m not a smart ass student thought. The only words for the result: THANK GOD i made it! Looking forward for the next semester, yes, hopefully my very last semester! 🙂

Move on! Dear Hottest, I just wanna inform you guys, especially those 100% 2PM Hottest, that there’s a WE WANT 2PM PERFORM LIVE IN MALAYSIA group on facebook, don’t chiu feel the same like me? I really wanna 2PM to perform live in Malaysia thought! I meant it! Let’s spread the love and shout out loud about the group and of course, hopefully JYP will listen to our wish!

That video is the latest one from 2PM Youtube channel. It’s not a shock when I found out the MV are suddenly on Youtube most viewed video list thought. As for me, it’s not only a Music Video, but also tell a long story that WE, the 2PM HOTTEST has walked through together! I almost teared up watching the video, demmit! Thinking back at all the stuff 2PM has gone through, sad. But they Don’t Stop Can’t Stop! Their strength and determination just makes me love and support them even more and I know you do. 😉

Superman Really Can’t Fly

5 Jun

Ready…because when i blog about Jay Chou my No. 1 favourite artist (idol!!!) it’s gonna be a long entry (yes, looong!) haha! i’m so happy lah weh i finally blog this, i blame me-self because too busy with my 2PM buzz, never mind, that’s ok andy since this album just released last May 18, 2010, correct! not even a month yet hoh.

But seriously, i can’t be patient after Jay hasn’t come out with a new album in almost 2.5 years, lama tu… like i’m dying outside and inside waiting for this album! so thanks to Jay Chou for this 10th album! Man, what a long journey since i’m in form 1 (2000) until now i still being his fans, guess will be forever weh! huhu 😉

I already listened to all of the tracks, but yeah i love Wo Luo Lei, Qing Xu Ling Sui (I Cry, My Emotions Are in Pieces), Shuo Le Zai Jian (Said Goodbye) and etc. But out of 11 of The Era (Kua Shi Dai) 2010 New Album, i love Chao Ren Bu Hui Fei (Superman Can’t Fly) track, i can’t stop replay it once i started listen to it! Superman Can’t Fly track is definately an epic woh!

So what’s with Superman Can’t Fly song? As usual, Jay Chou wrote the melody and lyrics as well as producing it. Jay’s deeply tells about the ten years of his journey and career in the music industry and described himself as a Superman (singer, musician, actor, director), but still can’t fly (still an ordinary people lo)

It was like who could have thought Jay’s songs could become educational material, every move he makes has become examples for society, every one is helping him count up the ratings, his image, even the cars he drives, the apartments he lives in, or his albums, what isn’t on top right? Not to mention his movies too. All of it has been dug up and examined closely and well written. How i wish i can be like him! *dreaming*

Next, let’s dig the MV! Even thought it seems like nothing special and pretty rilex, for me, the Superman Can’t Fly MV has narrated very well too. I believes this MV can encourage many ordinary people to have the courage to become heroes, create unlimited possibilities for society and themselves. I can relates it to what i tweeted today, wanna know? Click here. hehe… oh, know what, i wonder why some parts in the MV remind me of Ting MaMa De Hua for some reason. woot! But seriously la…actually it’s a touching mv, like with double meaning a lot!…sob sob sob! T.T

So that’s it guys, it’s 4:37am now and it’s already another weekend to joy throught, erk? i guess so. For Jay Chou fans aka lovers, don’t stop support him, he’s the best, always! I adore and respect his music talents like no dot man! Thanks reading my essay ya? kekeke, the MV below was ripped from MTV, nice opening. eh eh, speaking of MTV World Stage Malaysia 2010, is coming soon woh, can’t wait liao to see who are the ones kicking out the jams. ok lo, signing off babe!

p/s: mv: song and english subs on it, HERE

Andy Chester Danced The Gaga!

2 Jun

Today, June 2nd, after my noon jog, i felt freakin tired and yeah i sweat a lot woh… but why lah I suddenly so rajin went for a jog? FEVER baby! I fever! haizz… I hate fever thou! so… with my not so kaw kaw energy..I went jog loh… pening pun ada, but i just redah! most important – must sweat! tapi boleh pulak lepas jog terus lahap hotdog with coke…10 markah ditolak di situ. -_-‘

but nah, after the jog at park, did this no so funny stuff… oh man… I guess sooo lama already I didn’t recorded any dance video, last time was at genting (new year eve!) … kekeke! so, you can torture your eyes watching me $%#$% in the video below…have fun! bahah! until the next entry…chiow!