MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010

22 Jul

Featuring an awesome lineup of Bunkface (im fans of Bunkface too, of course!), Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel and Wonder Girls, MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 is definitely an event not to be missed! Just like last year, this year’s event will be held on July 31 at Sunway Lagoon, Surf Beach again. I’m ready for it!

By the way, MTV Asia also have very limited Meet ‘n’ Greet passes and express passes to the event to giveaway. If you want to meet Tokio Hotel, Katy Perry or Wonder Girls up-close and personal, this is your chance! Oh! Closing date: July 25, 2010. Click HERE for the contest. ||| p/s: this year mtvws2010, i think 3/4 fans are wonder girls fans, well, kpop ftw!

DiGi Prepaid For Blackberry

22 Jul
I’m so happy! DiGi has finally launched blackberry for prepaid last 12th July on their facebook ::here:: Man this is freaking affordable aite? For only RM2 per day, crazy! It’s anotha wow for all of us, DiGi prepaid customers! And again: Digi Always The Smarter Choice! Thanks DiGi! Yes, this just brought me from a twitterholic to a twitterism…no? LOL!

Click HERE for the official site. =D

Spain Win The World Cup

12 Jul

Thanks Andres Iniesta, Thanks Spain :’) and …er… VIVA Paul the Octopus!

Taeyang Is Back!

1 Jul

I actually stayed up for Taeyang – I Need A Girl MV featuring G-Dragon and Sandara Park (well, it’s TAEYANG yo!) and it was all worth it! To be honest, at first, i’m not so into the song because my main favorite track from Taeyang’s SOLAR album is You Are My. But after watching the MV …man…I was like There are only three things I have to say about the MV 1) I LOVE IT! 2) I LOVE IT! and 3) I LOVE IT! …hahaha! >.<

p/s: Before you watch the I Need A Girl MV, well, if you haven't yet lah…watch this perf, this is from Taeyang makes a SOLAR comeback on M! Countdown. My fav track from the SOLAR album, enjoice! ^.^

I don’t think any words can describe my feelings on finding out that this mv was released (dank i’m waiting like what dawg!) and I was just spazzing as I watched it! Demeet! Taeyang is so adorable through out the whole mv! …all the cute winks and the dorky dancing and the smiling are just too cute to be true! 😀 yer…sounds freakin homo liao! haha! and and and the poking of the girl’s arm at the beginning was epic weh! feuh~

Seriously the song is really awesome: it’s both cool and sweet, catchy and relaxing! Love Taeyang’s voice and of course GD’s rap! I will probably be putting this song on repeat on my music player for the next few days! Taeyang hwaiting, jjang, daebak! Woohoo!

Winter Sonata Actor Found Dead

30 Jun

“KOREA- “South Korean actor and singer Park Yong-ha has been found dead at his house in southern Seoul on Wednesday, the police said.” Full news HERE

When I hear someone that I adore commited sucide I always tears even if I don’t even know them in real life =”( just reminds me how I used to be and its sad that they couldn’t get help just in time. I’m too shocked for words. I just found out this news…and I honestly…can’t help but tears…He was such a talented man…why did this happened???!

=”( Man…I can’t believe this!!! Sorry to say, I preferred Park Yong Ha over Bae Yong Joon in Winter Sonata. I even bought his music album once. And now he’s dead?! And so young. Urgh!!! This is the second suicide I found out today after the male model, Tom Nicon, also committed suicide. Promise me, don’t do it! Let’s fighting and do at ourselves best in life no matter what until the last of our breath!

And you know what, when people said Koreans are overworked: THEY ARE NOT KIDDING AT ALL. Depression is an enemy of every nation, specially to a nation great in spirit of always wanting to please others. May it be a guide to all of those in the same situation to try to hold on, seek the hands of those who loves you and never let go. Please.

So sad, the end of June, 2010 just load with another news of talented actor that we have to say goodbye too, condolences to his friends and family, Rest In Paradise! Park Yong Ha =”(

Pay RM20 for a RM40 Food And Drinks!

28 Jun

HotPiper Restaurant & Cafe creates modern cuisines by combining Asian and European fine dining elements while setting them in a casual environment. They serve delicious food at reasonable prices ranging from RM4.90+ (Mashed Potato) to RM23.90+ (Australian Rib Eye Steak). They tailor their food and beverage to cater for people of all ages and background! Hotpiper is Halal certified! Find out more: HERE

This Week’s Deal: Pay RM20 for a RM40 food and drinks voucher from Hotpiper Kota Damansara

The Fine Print: Coupon valid from 5th July 2010 to 5th Sept 2010, One coupon per table only and Valid for all ala carte items – both food and drinks

Highlights: Coupon may be shared with friends and family, Restaurant is Halal certified, Wide variety of choices – Western, Asian and Local delights

Locations: Hotpiper Restaurant & Cafe, 30-1, Jln PJU 5/16, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

I Am 23 Years Old Today, LOL

26 Jun

oh man…i’m 23 years old already… weehoo! ok, bit sigh. haha! by the way this is not the full updates, gonna drop more on the day after today, know what im sayin? i mean soon LOL. btw, the tiny pics above, just some randoms pics of you who wished my birthday on my facebook, i’m gonna ‘push’ more on this blog soon and will give a tada!!! suprise gift to any one of you who wish before 11.59PM today. Thank’s a lot, the wishs drop like nonstop thought! sweet 😉

How i’m gonna find the winner? easy: i will use …with total of fbians who wished, i’m gonna generate it randoms 23 times, yes, coz i’m 23 years old…LOL LOL LOL …so if you are lucky enuff, i will ‘tada!!! you won ***’ on your fb inbox tomorrow! i mean soon ^^

P/s: oh! So happy I already received my free Blackberry…. teehee! Suddenly I just put aside others phone… demmit! Blackberry freakin makes me nonstop online a.k.a molest it… huehuehue!

P/s2: Yes, lots of you out there knew that i’m amongst the Top 10 (first person) who success won the MTV World Stage 2010 passes (again) so yes, don’t miss it guys because more #worldstagemy passes to be won over the weekend! Win them at

Not to mention, last thursday nite i was huha huha around, no, not buzzing around but did voice over for e-module Bel 120 UiTM….huhu ^^ …it’s still new thought, and will be use for all of the diploma student who takes the subject in the future…if you heard a guy sounds like **** so that is my voice…kekeke! OKEY GUYS…till the next entry (hopefully tomorrow)… coz tonite is my nite yo! haha! out xxx