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100, 000+ hits! wow!

28 Jul
woOOhoo…come come watch this first, gonna miss funemployed =/

O.o done watchin? hehe, now da buzz time! wooOOooo…

wooo… thank god, thanks to all of yew, yew, yew and yew who always click2 visit ma one and only UNDERDOG blog…yer..so hepy pulak 😉

ha! told you since da early of my bloggin day, am just another blogger who just drop and share like whatever on my blog, am not khai (justkhai.com), not abang nara (beautifulnara.com), not hanis zalikha (haniszalikha.blogspot.com) or even not kenny sia (kennysia.com) …and and and of course not TUN M (chedet.co.cc) just to name some of my most fav blog/site, all of them are awesome bloggers …..respect woh…woot! so when ma blog reached 100K (after 1 year and 5 months bloggin’) haha! ok loh…sure it’s amazed me lah mama! =)) …and will faint if i know Tun M read this blog hahahahaha! no? >.< ..eh, who know aite? peace Tun, da best, always!

erm, not gonna share any specific tips on how to be a good blogger coz am not da pro one, just that when you blog, watch out with da sensitivity and yes, a.l.w.a.y.s updates your blog (at least once a week) kekeke! ah, click HERE for lotsa great tips from da pro ^.^ oh yes, thanks WORDPRESS.COM coz without yew i dun have a blog platform…i love yew~~~ ^^V

wahlao! so it became true edi eh Lucy? …teehee!

p/s: my fb are frozen at da moment, wait till im free enuff and yes -my twitter- is da only place i huhahuha, oh, bbm too, just twit me if ya wanna add ma bb pin… feuh~ till da next update! xxx