Henry Golding |How to be lucky!

I am very excited about this interview! I met Henry Golding almost 2 years ago when he just arrived at the shores of Malaysia. He arrived knowing no one but knowing what he wanted. In that small difference all the difference was made. Henry had packed his bags and took a leap of faith, leaving his job as a hair dresser back in London and came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to become a television presenter. Even though he had never been on television and knew no one in the city when he arrived, within 3 months Henry landed a gig in Malaysia’s largest Broadcasting Station. Since then he has been working all over Asia and now is a presenter for ESPN Asia, has his own travel show and is known all over the Region.

He currently lives in both Singapore and Malaysia and travels for jobs in both countries as well as other parts of Asia.

When I first met Henry, the one thing that struck me about him was how much he seemed to be enjoying life. He was positive, cheeky, and truly happy. He could get along with everybody, and I mean everybody! Doors seem to magically open for him. He was one lucky leprechaun! But of course, there is no magic or luck – only the right mindset.

In this interview Henry breaks down the methods he uses in his life for us. We find out exactly the kind of mindset that Henry has that makes him ‘lucky’ and how you too can cultivate this and use it in your life!

To watch the video and read the summary, read the rest of the entry after the jump!

In Part one of the interview, Henry talks about why he decided not to continue with a higher education after high school, what made him come to Malaysia and what he did to prepare himself for the move.

To quickly summarize this video:

Don’t be too hard on yourself:

If you’re too hard on yourself, you’re never going to learn from your mistakes.

I credit this mindset to Henry’s constant happy outlook on life. Never one to dwell on his mistakes but learn, pick up the pieces and move on, Henry is one of the few people I go to for advice when I need it. I call him the sensible one, and remember clearly what he said to me about being sensible, “Sense comes from the heart hun”. From the heart! Just listen to your heart! Yee Haa!

Be willing to embrace new things and be open to new challenges.

Reinvent yourself:

“Go for things with your heart as well as your brains.”

This is the best mindset! The willingness to discard the old and become the new. When he arrived no one would’ve guessed that Henry had never been on television, he had reinvented himself as Henry Golding – Television Presenter. We must train ourselves to keep the knowledge we accumulate but not the stories that go with it, and not identify with only one personality. The more fluid we are the easier it will be to go with the flow of life – and the luckier we seem to be.

Be Neutral – and don’t judge people:

The reason why Henry can get along with just about anybody is because of this mindset.

He says to connect with people on their level so they feel comfortable and open up to you.

Henry has the ability to make people feel like they matter, cultivate this ability and doors will open for you easy peasy!

In Part 2 of the interview, Henry talks about how he set himself apart from his peers, the fears that he had to overcome – public speaking being one of them. Funny considering what he does. He also imparts some advice on others who want to get out on their own, change their jobs and just basically be lucky in life.

A quick summary of part 2 of the interview:

Aim to surpass your peers:

When you aim to be like your peers, then you’re just average joe.

The thing that always impressed me about Henry is that he never walks into things blindly even though because of his lightness of being it seems that he does, like things just come to him, like he is “lucky”. However, Henry always does tons of research before he does anything, reads a lot – books, magazines, internet – basically he’s always on top of things.

Have goals that are dreams to achieve but also a reality. Know that you’re responsible for achieving it, that it is possible and it’s only a matter of choices you make.

Don’t shy away from your fears:

Your life experiences create filters for you to better yourself every time.
Take the leap of faith:
Identify what is missing from your life and make the decision to make the most of it.
Don’t be afraid to do something new, you’ll never know until you try.

5 take away points:

Keep and open mind.

Keep the correct mindset (positive, extend your goals).

Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself.

Aim to surpass your peers.

Be neutral and connect with people.


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