2010 Spris Summer, 2PM

A few more BTS photos from the CABI MV Filming


They are the models for the 2010 Calvin Klein swimwear. This photoshoot will be included in the June issue of Men’s Health.

MARIE CLAIRE KOREA STAR LOOK BOOK, 2PM (as featured on Marie Claire Korea April 2010 Issue)


Behind of The Scene: CARIBBEAN BAY, Nichkhun, Taecyeon & Chansung

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Taecyeon and Wooyoung are back on Inkigayo 18 Oct 2009

After nearly 5 weeks of hiatus, 2PM’s beastly rapper Taecyeon and adorable goofball Wooyoung have finally made their long awaited return to SBS Inkigayo!

The two appeared on the show with new haircuts, hinting at a new start; Taecyeon had subtle wavy hair while Wooyoung rocked a bowl cut, claiming to be Inkigayo’s “mascot”. Taecyeon even showed off his sharp new self and busted out some moves to give the fans some reassurance. He also expressed his sorrow of KARA’s last performance and dedicated a quick tribute of their famous “butt dance”.

Appearing on the October 18th episode of the show, the two said, “We have our responsibilities as 2PM but also to our positions as MCs on Inkigayo. And to fufill these duties and promises to our fans, we have returned.”

They also asked the fans to show them “more support from here on out.” Perhaps recent events has left the group feeling alone in the dust?

Taecyeon and Wooyoung had stepped down from their positions as MCs back in September when ex-2PM leader Jaebeom suddenly left the group. Since then, much has happened with the Hottest fans but little with the group itself.

Due to the outrage of the fans and their unyielding will to have the singer return, JYP halted all 2PM activities which included big plans like a contest trip to Thailand with Nichkhun, media appearances, and even their new album. Now that the members are slowly making their way back onto shows like Star King and Inkigayo, and also performing for the first time as a 6 member group at last week’s 2009 Dream Concert, does that mean 2PM is going to return and resume all its activities?

People have been skeptical about 2PM’s full length album, which was originally planned for a release this month, and its release date due to Jaebeom’s leave but will this mean that the album might come out near the end of the month? Only time will tell.




2PM fans boycott Dream Concert without JaeBum – October 8th, 2009

2PM fans will be posting up post-its on JYP office building on 10th October during the time when Dream Concert is going on.

Fans have declared that “Without JaeBum, we cannot accept 2PM‘ regarding 2PM’s future activities when JaeBum left the group. They have stick to this belief even when Park Jin Young announced that 2PM will promote as 6 members without JaeBum.

Dream Concert will be the first performing stage for 2PM after JaeBum left as a group of 6 members. Previously, on 25th September, it was planned for the group to perform as 6 members for 2009 Supermodel Contest, but in the end only 2 members JunHo and JunSu performed.

Fans will be “attacking” by posting up post-its at JYP building in Seoul ChungDamDong from 4pm to 8.30pm when Dream Concert is going on on 10th October. For these fans, they only wish for JaeBum to return to the group quickly.

Meanwhile, for the upcoming episode of Star King to be aired on 10th October, filmed on 7th September, 2PM members WooYoung and Nich Khun were featured performing with American NBA Cheerleaders team on the show. – 88news

SHU-I dances to 2PM’s “Again and Again” (October 8th, 2009)

With their debut stage on Music Bank and the release of their MV for “Bomb Bomb Bomb” last month, rookie boy band SHU-I has netizens abuzz with a recent video of them practicing 2PM’s “Again and Again” .

Initially, the k-pop quintet demonstrate their impressive dancing abilities in emulating the choreography of “Again and Again”. During the second half of the song, however, the boys progressively transition from serious mode to beast mode, busting out in a hilarious improvisation of their sunbaes’ hit song. From Hyung Joon’s imitation of Nichkhun’s chest rub to Minho’s saucy hip swing from “Abracadabra”, the boys exposed a goofy side of them that resembled 2PM’s in the rehearsal clip of their song “I Hate You”.


Viewers on YouTube have commented:
“omg these boys are too adorable”
“I loved how Chang Hyun came back to do his pose at the end… too cute”
“it made me really really REALLY REALLY REALLY miss 2PM…”

Understandably, SHU-I’s dance cover made many viewers nostalgic of 2PM, who have been sorely missed since controversial issues sprouted up concerning ex-leader Jaebeom.

Some argue that it was too early to do a parody of the 7-member idol group since the controversial issue concerning ex-leader Jaebeom sprouted up, On the other hand, others thoroughly enjoyed the dance cover and have expressed their nostalgia of 2PM who are been sorely missed these days.




6-membered 2PM’s Dream Concert Will Not Be Aired (October 7th, 2009)

Group 2PM, currently promoting as 6 members after leader member JaeBum left the group, will be performing on Dream Concert coming 10th October. But it was stated that their performances will be edited out from the broadcast of the concert.

A staff to the Dream Concert said, “2PM will go on stage to perform but their performances will be edited before broadcasted. They will be singing the hit songs ‘Again & Again’ and ‘I Hate You’ but by request of the production company (of Dream Concert) it will not be broadcasted.”

Dream Concert will take place on 10th October in Seoul World Cup Stadium from 6.30pm. The MCs for the night will be Kim HeeChul and Song JiHyo.

Performing artistes are Big Bang, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2PM, SHINee, Jewelry, 2NE1, 4Minute, ChaeYeon, WheeSung, MC Mong, Park HyoShin, KARA, T-ara, f(x), Kim TaeWoo etc – a total of 16 performing teams.

2PM performed on stage for the first time on 25th September for ‘2009 Super Model Contest’ after deciding to promote as 6 members after JaeBum left the group. But back then, only 2 members performed and their performances were not broadcasted on TV.

And even though their Dream Concert performance will be a longawaited performance for fans to see the members on stage again, when it is aired on 11th October at 4.10pm, their performances will not be broadcasted.




Jay Park returns to quiet life in Edmonds, USA (October 6th, 2009)

EDMONDS — When Jay Park left South Korea in early September, hundreds of fans came to the airport terminal, pleading with him to stay.

The pop star gave a bow and said goodbye to the tearful fans, according to the Korea Times newspaper.

When he landed back home in the United States, no local news crews were on hand.

Park, who is in his 20s, has apparently returned to his parents’ home in Edmonds. The Korean-American is keeping a low profile after controversial remarks forced him from 2PM, a boy band that made him a star overseas.

The Internet has battered Park’s reputation and served as a gathering place for fans, who have signed petitions and hired a private plane to fly over Edmonds with a banner, asking “J. What Time Is It Now?” — a reference to one of the group’s hits.

About five years ago, Park went to a talent audition in the United States. He was recruited by JYP Entertainment of South Korea. He moved overseas and became a pop star in training.

Thousands of miles from home, he posted comments on his MySpace page. He called Korea “whack” and “gay” in 2005, when he was in his late teens, and said he hated Koreans. He wanted to come back to the U.S., he wrote.

No one paid much attention to the posts until Park became the leader of 2PM. The seven-member group’s popularity exploded earlier this year. They were all over Korean TV. They met the prime minister of Thailand.

Then the posts surfaced.

AllKPop.com, a New Jersey-based Web site dedicated to Korean pop music, has been covering the controversy.

Johnny Noh, the site’s founder, said anger at Park was stoked by complex issues of national pride. Park’s U.S. origins played into the resentment, while the comments, heavy with American slang, were misinterpreted.

“I don’t know how to explain it,” Noh, 28, said. “They took it more offensively than they would anywhere else.”

After the comments came out, Park said he was leaving the group.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be a strong leader and older brother,” he said, the Korea Times reported.

Park, of Edmonds, left the band after controversial remarks he made on MySpace started spreading.

Park’s abrupt departure rattled thousands of fans, particularly when the boy band announced it would carry on without its own version of Justin Timberlake. (uh…idk what to think of this comparison, maybe besides the leader aspect they both had)

A KOMO TV news story posted online about his return to the U.S. drew more than 1,000 comments last week.

“There have been a lot of rumors and speculation on whether the entertainment label kicked him out or if he left of his own will,” Noh said.

An online petition gathered more than 25,000 signatures to support Park. The petition called Korea “an extremely proud country,” and said people were treating the singer’s remarks irrationally.

Fans also launched a Twitter page, JaySkyMsg. They raised about $2,000 and hired a private plane. According to the posts, the plane buzzed over Seattle, Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds last Monday, towing the banner.

Despite the hubbub, life in Edmonds has been seemingly quiet.

Neighbors who knew about Park’s fame said the singer’s family have been their normal, polite selves.

Last week, a young man who appeared to be Jay Park was walking out the door. He smiled before getting into a sedan with an older person, but declined to comment on the past month.

“I need to go to work,” he said, without elaboration.


SOURCE: HeraldNet


2PM Will Continue With 6 Members

88news: After much drama surrounding leader Jaebeom leaving 2PM, JYP has finally released an official statement regarding 2PM’s future activities.

Unfortunately, 2PM will continue activities as 6-members, as JYP is stating that Jaebeom does not want to return.

Whether Jaebeom not wanting to return is the truth or not, we have yet to hear. But as of now, 2PM will be 6 members.

JYP finally made a statement on JYPE homepage :
“I talked to JYPE staffs, 2PM members, and Jaebeom about our future plans. First of all, although many people have sent their encouraging words to Jaebeom, he hasn’t changed his mind; thinking he made a huge mistake. He said that he is still very sorry and too ashamed to be on the stage. He also told me that since other 2PM members have worked so hard, they should not be affected by this in any negative ways. That’s why he left 2PM so quickly.

I think the same way as Jaebeom. The reason why I didn’t stop him from leaving is because I thought whether Jay being in 2PM or not now won’t be that big deal when you look at his life as a whole. Some think 4 years of his hard working has been destroyed, but his skills that were built up in 4 years are still remained in his body.

If Jaebeom receives a chance to grow up and become more mature by this incident, he will be able to fly even further later on. As criticism against Jay was way too harsh, requesting to revoke Jay’s resignation is asking for too much as well. It’s my role to respect his opinion wanting to have his time alone apart from the stage, and help him later when he says he wants to be on the stage again.

I think you should give him supports by then. Again, I apologize for not being able to manage and protect him well. We’ll try our best to not make this happen again.

Thank you again,
2PM will continue their schedule with 6 members as it was planned


After School to transform as 2PM performing ‘Again & Again’

Group After School has perfectly transformed as group 2PM performing their hit ‘Again & Again’.

During the pre-recording of MBC Chuseok special ‘Star Dance Battle’, After School put up a powerful performance.

The members donned boyish outfits and did their rendition of 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’ which was one of the top hits in Kpop for the 1st half of 2009. They performed the full song, and also a dance break during the performance.

And check out member GaHee’s message to 2PM!


Member GaHee also have the words ‘This is for you guys’ written on her right arm, sending a message to group 2PM who are currently taking a break off from promotions.

The show will be aired on 4th October at 7.35pm .


2PM JaeBum incident on Seattle local news (October/01/2009)

America Seattle local news channel Komo TV covered on 2PM ex member JaeBum’s story on 29th September, which also reported about the locals’ views on JaeBum’s incident.

And also on Komo internet news, JaeBum fans were labelled as “crazed fans” when reporting on the news of the sky banner with the words “J, What time is it now?” on it, displayed by fans.

Meanwhile, it was known that Park Ji Young met up with JaeBum in person on 29th September with JaeBum’s family in Seattle before JYP heads to New York.



Church closing down Jaebum’s fan forum (09/30/2009)

Ever since Jay Park (Jaebeom) left Korea and returned to his hometown in Seattle, his church, Seattle Glory Presbyterian church has been playing a key role in his life in more ways than one.

His pastor has talked to him, provided advice, and comforted him in his time of need but that’s not all. Some time ago, his church told all his fans to send any fan letters or packages to the church so they can pass it along to him. This has been quite successful with many packages and thousands of letters flooding the church. The church also set up a forum specifically for fans on the official online church website for them to leave positive message for Jay to read and to help him through this hard time in his life.

But the church has just announced that they will now be closing down the forums; why? . . . you guessed it! One word: netizens

It seems that many fans have been leaving encouraging messages on the church’s forums for Jay, but the netizens got a hold of it and left discouraging and negative messages that were just inappropriate for a church website to have. The church has made their official decision and will be closing down the forums. -88news


JaeBum thanks fans for support from Seattle (09/27/2009)

Park JaeBum has expressed his gratitude to fans for the encouragement showered on him from his hometown in America Seattle.

The photos of the presents sent to JaeBum by 2PM fans were revealed through the homepage of the church which JaeBum attends in Seattle on 26th September.

The church representative said, “There are many people who were curious about it. Very thankful. This had given (JaeBum) strength and bravery. JaeBum has revealed that he will live in the love and sincerity that everyone has showered on him.”

Meanwhile, JaeBum has returned to his hometown Seattle on 8th September after withdrawing from 2PM. The incident came after the message he wrote on his MySpace 4 years back were revealed and were deemed as offending to many Koreans.

And group 2PM will promote as 6 members. -88news


2PM JunHo and JunSu Confirmed for SBS Super Model Contest Appearance (09/24/2009)

Coming 25th September for ‘SBS 2009 Super Model Contest’ to be held in Seoul KyeongNam, 2PM will only have 2 members appearing on stage to perform.

Members JunHo and Junsu will be performing that day, instead of the 6 members of the group after leader member JaeBum withdrew from the group recently.

According to a staff from SBS Super Model contest, “We respect the decision that the group will not go on broadcast activities for a while since the withdrawal of member JaeBum.”

The staff also revealed that it was planned and confirmed earlier this year that the group will appear for the contest to perform. But with the recent withdrawal of member JaeBum from the group, all activities and events planned for the group are currently put on hold or canceled.

The group will be promoting as 6 members. But for this Super Model Contest, while JunSu and JunHo will be performing that day, the performance will not be broadcasted.

It is said that JunSu and JunHo will each sing one of their favourite songs on stage that day. -Minsarang


2PM back in activities promotion BUT NOT as 6 members (09/23/2009)

2PM will take the stage once again after the withdrawal of leader member Park JaeBum. But, they will not be appearing as 6 members, only 1~2 members will appear on stage at once.

2PM’s name has appeared on the invitation list for SBS 2009 Super Model Contest on which will be held on 25th September. But only member Nich Khun will appear to perform a ballad number.

A SBS staff said, “2PM Nich Khun will appear to sing a ballad song as an invited singer. The 6 members will not appear on stage together, but we are looking at having 2 members on stage, which includes Nich Khun.”

But currently which member will appear at the Super Model contest stage with Nich Khun has yet been decided.

2PM’s group activities are currently put on hold after past MySpace posts written by JaeBum were exposed and afterwhich he had decided to leave the team. Initially there has been much anticipation as the group will appear as 6 members again with this event performance, but it seems that they will not be doing so so soon.

Meanwhile, other performing artistes for the event are GDragon, 2NE1, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Baek Ji Young, Park HyunBin etc. -88news

2pm n 4 minutes

2PM Underground Continues Boycott of 2PM (09/22/2009)

Despite the release of an official statement from JYP Entertainment saying that 2PM will continue with 6 members, Hottests aren’t letting this just go away with Jaebom’s future still up in the air.

On the afternoon of 20th September, 2PM’s fan club, Underground announced that the full boycott of 2PM’s activities will continue until the decision to withdraw Jaebeom from 2PM is ended. Their statement wrote that JYPE should release Jaebeom’s contract terms and hopes that JYP can depict clearly exactly how he is going to help Jaebeom return to 2PM.

The fan club also wanted JYPE to apologize, especially for not doing enough for Jaebeom (shielding him), and also hope that the other 2PM members can tell fans personally about their feelings about this matter and not through JYP.

Finally, they stamped home the point that, they are not asking for Jaebeom’s immediate return, but to withdraw their (JYPE) decision to take him out of 2PM. They are sorry for misunderstanding the way JYP has handled the situation and the problems that have surfaced for the other 2PM members.

2PM’s Wooyoung Hypnotized Without Consent August 2nd, 2009

The August 1st episode of Star King, as part of its summer special, used hypnosis to show “the best studying method.” 2PM member Wooyoung was on the show and was chosen from the panel to be hypnotized. Fans who attended the show’s filming later commented that even though Wooyoung showed objection to the idea of being hypnotized, filming continued anyway. Hypnosis was still performed on him, upsetting many fans who later complained on the show’s online boards…

Angry fans responded with comments like “Hypnotizing somebody without their consent is the same as attacking them,” and “Do celebrities not have rights?”

In the clip above, the hypnosis activities start at around 1:18. While the hypnosis was being done, Wooyoung expressed that he was scared and that it felt like someone was holding up his arm. Watching this segment made me feel extremely uneasy, especially starting at 2:55 when he suddenly lost his balance and fell over before fellow group member Nichkhun rushed over to catch him. Wooyoung commented after the show that he had trouble speaking during the ordeal. – credits: allkpop &88news.net

2PM’s New Sitcom “Wild Bunny” Preview (July 13th, 2009)

The boys of 2PM will be ending promotions, but that just means.. more 2PM on variety shows! As a matter of fact, 2PM will be starring in their own sitcom titled Wild Bunny. The sitcom will air on July 21st at 2:00pm.

And here’s some additional info about this upcoming sitcom, according to 2oneday:
“Chansung is to have a love line with one of the high school girls ….on the sitcom while Junsu will play the role of someone who talks to objects. Junho is to appear also as someone who is passionate for dancing and has celebrity posters all over his room.

Taec is to play a model who just came from America to Korea for some business. He apparently liked to party it up in America and I found his script on naver. The first scene starts off with him in the airport and he’s wearing a suit. The weather gets to him and he starts speaking Konglish and takes off his suit jacket. He lands himself in a cafe and starts acting all smart with his English, asking the waitress if their ingredients are organic and stuff. When the waitress comes back with his order, he tilts his sunglasses down and winks at her. Unfortunately, she thinks he’s creepy. But seeing her name as Eun Hee and not a waitress, I think she’s bound to come back up during the sitcom.

The girls that are appearing on the sitcom are the girl from Idol Army Episode 3 (the high school girls who had a show with Junjin as their dad).”

Source: allkpop

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