18 Aug

haha…sounds so sad pulak…u know, when i realized how long i already blogging under wordpress, i thinks its cool, really. im satisfied coz i know i already did at my best.

sharing all the happinez, sadnez (ada meh? ok la..sikit-sikit..hehe) :p and etc, i think its more than enuff for this blog. i know i achieved not so high hits but all the entries i blogged are fine enuff lah for me. the best thing about my blogging style is, i blog like whatever and im not gonna blog if im moody, yes im human being so sumtime i do mad at certain matter though….and when we are moody, DO NOT BLOG. why lah wanna share your madness on blog. crazy. >.<

okey, i guess this pretty long already….and afraid my english teacher checking my grammar (or my spm oxford examiner) LOL…till then, sayonara to this __________ (fill in the blank yourself lah! haha)


Twitter Is My Drug!

8 Aug

Dance To This Song!

3 Aug

Woot! I have been waiting for the music video to come out for so long and finally it is out! The wait was totally worth it. This song is totally catchy and the music video looks awesome! Watch it now! wooOOhoo!

…and you know what, it’s only a few minutes old but look at the video viewed statistic on youtube! wow wow! Makes me wanna dance to this song!!! Impossible to not dance to this song though! =) hahaha!!! btw, here’s Behind the Scenes:

The Genius of WongFuProductions, Kevjumba, and David Choi never ceases to amaze me!!! Yeah! LOVE KEVJUMBA & WONGFUPRODUCTIONS & DAVID CHOI AND EVERYONE. XD

Zac Efron Is Back!

2 Aug

Firstly, I need to mention that George Lopez is the funniest Mexican on TV, he’s the first mexican with a succesful talk show in America now thats doing big thangs! Salute! You know what, i’m glad Zac be on his show, why? watch this full great interview:

I remember when I saw HSM for the first time! He growned so much! He seems so real, like he REALLY is funny and doesn’t just act being funny though…. And he’s gotten to be so handsome and mature, yes? (ah! if this sounds sounds so gay, i’m sorry) By the way, this video: I love Zac’s expression when he finds out that he has to ask the questions. Priceless! LOL

Sometimes I think he’s just a flirt, but I dunno maybe it’s just me or he’s just too nice on the screen/talk show. Whatever it is, we need more actors like him which is not a complete douchebags like other celebs, ah! you know what I mean. he he he! Oh! I haven’t watch his latest movie: Charlie St. Cloud, it’s a must!

Best Song(s) Ever! & MTV World Stage!

1 Aug

100, 000+ hits! wow!

28 Jul
woOOhoo…come come watch this first, gonna miss funemployed =/

O.o done watchin? hehe, now da buzz time! wooOOooo…

wooo… thank god, thanks to all of yew, yew, yew and yew who always click2 visit ma one and only UNDERDOG blog… hepy pulak 😉

ha! told you since da early of my bloggin day, am just another blogger who just drop and share like whatever on my blog, am not khai (, not abang nara (, not hanis zalikha ( or even not kenny sia ( …and and and of course not TUN M ( just to name some of my most fav blog/site, all of them are awesome bloggers …..respect woh…woot! so when ma blog reached 100K (after 1 year and 5 months bloggin’) haha! ok loh…sure it’s amazed me lah mama! =)) …and will faint if i know Tun M read this blog hahahahaha! no? >.<, who know aite? peace Tun, da best, always!

erm, not gonna share any specific tips on how to be a good blogger coz am not da pro one, just that when you blog, watch out with da sensitivity and yes, a.l.w.a.y.s updates your blog (at least once a week) kekeke! ah, click HERE for lotsa great tips from da pro ^.^ oh yes, thanks WORDPRESS.COM coz without yew i dun have a blog platform…i love yew~~~ ^^V

wahlao! so it became true edi eh Lucy? …teehee!

p/s: my fb are frozen at da moment, wait till im free enuff and yes -my twitter- is da only place i huhahuha, oh, bbm too, just twit me if ya wanna add ma bb pin… feuh~ till da next update! xxx

Welcome To The Rail World Show

22 Jul

Woot! I think many of kaki 8TV already know that in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia and Canon, latest show on 8TV which is ‘Welcome To The Rail World’ that offers a 10-episode bilingual travelogue already air last nite! So, 9 episodes more to catch up!

Welcome To The Rail World hosted by Henry Golding, an upcoming TV host of Iban-English parentage. Don’t miss it, show will be aired every Wednesday at 9.30pm on 8TV with repeats every Saturday at 11.30am,on 8TV’s Catch Up TV on, or if you are using your mobile phone. Railway tourism is an excellent idea though!

And yes! there will also be a contest for the viewers where a very simple question will be revealed at the end of the show. (I missed the first episode, luckly got Catch Up TV, will check it!) Just spot codes/clues that will appear throughout the show to find the correct answer. Stand a chance at winning fantastic prizes from KTM and Canon. Enjoice the show!